Political Briefing

Paper on Political Briefing

Prepared for DEA National Meeting November 2003 by John Coulter
It is a matter of both personal experience and observation that there is an increasing disillusionment with the parliamentary political process. A large number of people have also become very cynical about the role of the media in selecting what it chooses to cover and how it is covered. While many surveys of public opinion show a relatively high level of public concern about the environment, examination of either the Hansards of the parliaments or the daily newspapers does not reflect that level of concern. Sport and the ‘economy’ attract far more coverage than environment. Is it too cynical to suggest that the complex of social, institutional and economic factors that have distilled certain people and groups to positions of power in politics or industry are being strongly defended and buttressed by those people and groups. It is well known that many leading industries, companies and wealthy individuals make very large donations to the two major political parties. The political parties themselves hold expensive functions such as breakfasts and dinners which only the very well off can afford to attend.

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