Reports on Climate Change

How to Make our Households and Businesses Carbon Neutral

Bill Castleden, Chairman of DEA, lists some simple measures that we should all adopt in order to make a personal, family and business contribution to reducing greenhouse emissions.
We intend to remind you of these measures for if you as committed DEA members cannot be persuaded of their importance, humanity does indeed have a clouded future!. We need to hear your views and experience on this issue.
David Shearman

Planting Trees Won’t Save the Planet

By David Shearman

The Guardian Weekly January 5, 2007 used this heading to summarise a research paper by Ken Caldeira from the Carnegie Institute of Washington. It said “planting trees to combat climate change is a waste of time, according to a study by ecologists who say that most forests do not have any overall effect on global temperature whilst those furthest from the equator could actually be making global warming worse”. The newspaper then quotes Caldeira, “The idea that you can go out and plant a tree to help reverse global warming is an appealing feel-good thing. To plant forests outside the tropics is a waste of time”.

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