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News from the Secretary, November/December, 2004

The River Murray
Well, the election is over, and what has changed in our sphere of health and the environment? Probably nothing! Perhaps the overriding memory of the election was the billions of dollars, which were promised for numerous causes and policies for short-term electoral gain. Yet environmental necessities had little mention.

Despite the photo opportunities on the banks of the River Murray and the announcement of a modest $200m to replace 500 billion litres over 5 years, the river continues to deteriorate. The recent reports of many thousands of dead river red gums raises important issues of ecological collapse and whether democratic governance is able to deal with such a crisis.

News from the Secretary 31 October 2004

This report will summarise the main decisions and issues at the Management Committee Meeting and the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 16th October at the Medical School, Brisbane.

Changes to the Management Committee
Peter Mansfield resigned as Treasurer and Linda Selvey as Committee Member. The meeting expressed thanks to Peter and Linda for their service and contributions. Sarah Morton and Nick Towle had joined the Committee and Sarah Morton agreed to take on the role of Treasurer. It was agreed that the Committee would otherwise remain unchanged. Glen Morris attended the meetings as web master.

News from the Secretary, 30 September 2004

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held in Brisbane on Saturday 16th October 2004 at 2.15pm. This is being held in Queensland to give our many Queensland members the opportunity to attend. The venue is Room 34, second floor of Mayne Medical School, Herston Rd. Herston (next door to the Royal Brisbane Hospital). Come in through the main front entrance doors and up one flight of stairs. The room is directly in front of the stairs/ lifts.

Professor Ian Lowe will address Members after the AGM 6 to 8pm

Venue; Room number 6929, 6th level of the Ned Hanlon Building. (New RBWH building, off Butterfield Street).

Australian Greens response to DEA questionnaire

YES to all questions apart from the following
NO to questions 4 and 13
Not applicable to Qustion 10
Question 6. MRET, 10% by 2010, 20% by 2020, 30%+ by 2030 (and an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050


11. Green Senators and MPs have asked numerous questions and made numerous speeches on climate change in parliament. We have also introduced the Kyoto Protocol Ratification Bill- a private members bill.

12. The Greens see political action as an essential component of a broad based community response.

Responses to the DEA questionnaire from the Democrats and the Australian Progressive Alliance The Democrats

Please consult the full questionnaire to interpret the following

YES to all questions apart from the following, NO to 4, 10a, 12, 13.
Support for Mandatory Renewable Energy targets of 10% by 2010, 20% by 2020 and 30% by 2030

Comments (letter)
“Dear Dr Castleden and Colleagues,

Thank you for your letter seeking the views of the Australian Democrats on the potential health impacts of climate change. I commend you for your commitment to addressing the very critical issue of climate change in Australia and would very much welcome your future input in formulating Australian Democrat social policy.

Coalition response to DEA questionnaire

15 September 2004

Dr Bill Castleden
Doctors for the Environment Australia

Dear Dr Castleden

On behalf of Coalition Members of Parliament, Senators and candidates, I have attached a response to your recent questionnaire.

Thank you for the opportunity to outline the views of the Coalition on these important issues.

Throughout the election campaign we will be progressively announcing further policies outlining our vision for Australia’s future.

Once announced, these policies will be available at and

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