American Cancer Society Trivializes Cancer Risks: Blatant Conflicts of Interest

The US President’s Cancer Panel (PCP) has produced its biennial report and it is on Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk; what we can do now  click here

This is the first time the PCP has focused on environmental causes of cancer, stating that “the true burden of environmentally induced cancers has been grossly underestimated” and strongly urging action to reduce widespread exposure to carcinogens.
The background to the report and the criticisms of the report from various sources are reviewed in Health and Environment  click here

Antarctica Update from Merryn Redenbach of the Sea Shepherd CS


Merryn is a doctor with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

She works in community paediatrics, is a DEA member from Victoria and is a doctor on the Steve Irwin in Antarctica hassling Japanese whalers. Here is her first blog. I suspect that many DEA members are envious. You can donate by going to  www.seashepherd.org -Editor.

Feeling under the weather?

Martin Williams has provided an excellent poster, "Feeling under the weather?". The poster highlights climate change problems, with specific reference to Victoria, and questions the viability of emission permit trading over a carbon tax, as well as the CO2 reduction levels needed. Martin also makes a wry, and accurate, observation on river management in Australia. Click here to download the poster PDF.

Is 5% Enough?

Dr. Martin Williams in Melbourne has raised concerns over the 5% target for emission reductions proposed by the Rudd Government. His concern is that the recent fires in Victoria are just a small example of what may be in store for us if we fail to respond to the challenge of climate change. Martin is active in Melbourne, advocating a stronger position on emission reduction and working to highlight issues with his patient base, policy makers and others.

He has prepared a poster urging everyone to seek a larger commitment on emission reduction and climate change responses from their Parliamentary representatives. The poster, "Is 5% Enough?" is available for downloading through this link.

Darwinian Original Sin: A Slim Volume for Everybody about Being Fat

By J Neil Burry.
Monotheistic religions have determined the ethics that control human behaviour so far and continue to do so even in secular societies.Augustinian original sin, which in the book is replaced by Darwinian original sin, has been a particularly successful ethical force. The onslaught on the environment which civilisation, driven by humans with clear consciences, has been accompanied by the “success” of six billion people on earth.

The book is an attempt to kick-start a debate on whether evolutionary theory can be the basis of a similarly successful Darwinian code of ethics centred on Darwinian original sin and the medical ethic of primarily doing no harm. It is an attempt to kick-start a debate on the sort of ethics necessary for a sustainable future.

Some Thoughts on Life, Humanism and Evolution

By Dr. Arthur Burnell

I was brought up by very compassionate parents and I had many kinds of pets to care for. I was taken camping with my father and I had a love of the Australian bush early. I went to Sunday School and wanted to be able to help others. Thereafter, I did not believe in Holy Ghosts..

I became an atheist until in Medical School, where I was taught Botany, Zoology and Embryology, I then had something to believe in – Evolution - a power of good and evil.

I have read many books and those by Elbert Hubbard gave me the word “Humanism” so I had a purpose in being a medical practitioner. After the RAAF and in general practice I was able to start a Flora and Fauna Club on Kangaroo Island. I have been a member of the Field Naturalists and the Ornithologists.

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