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The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy

by David Shearman and Joseph Wayne Smith
Praeger, Westport, Connecticut. London

On its track record democracy is not going to act quickly enough and with sufficient intent to stem climate change . Whatever we do as individuals the big decisions have to be made by governments. The endless debate has to be translated into action. Our advocacy on climate change issues has to move forward to address methods of achieving change in goverance. These are the themes of this multidisciplinary text.
David Shearman 

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Climate Change Litigation. Analysing the Law, Scientific Evidence and Impacts on the Environment, Health and Property

Climate Change Litigation. Analysing the Law, Scientific Evidence and Impacts on the Environment, Health and Property

by Joseph Smith and David Shearman

This text analyses the grounds of potential legal liability of companies and governments for their roles in global warming and concludes that law suits are likely to continue and have high prospects of success in the near future. 

The potential grounds of liability are now quite clear and the scientific evidence is at a point where, in many cases, it is sufficient to meet legal requirements regarding civil standards of proof. This is certainly an issue that companies need to be concerned about, particularly in view of recent developments in the US.

Go Green and Lead by Example

This article about Green Clinics features Grant Blashki, Member of DEA Management Committee.
We thank Medical Observer for their kind permission to reprint the article which we attribute fully to the Medical Observer and the author Pamela Wilson

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Our Sense-Sational Heroes

How many doctors does it take to change attitudes to clean air? According to Tasmanian doctors Michelle Allen and Nick Towle, two can try.

In mid-August, the two keen cyclists set off on this year’s Cycle for Sustainability, a 3000km, four-and-a-half-month sustainability roadshow that travels from Sydney to Hobart with the sole aim of spreading the word on reducing air pollution, and looking after our environment and ourselves.

There are two aspects to clean air, explains 31-year-old Towle. “One is the pollutant component. The other is the carbon dioxide emissions, and they relate to the greatest threat, which is climate change.”

Climate change. How do we lead the Blind?

by David Shearman, Hon Secretary, Doctors for the Environment Australia.

This article was published in The Independent Weekly on June 24, 2006 This is a SA publication with a circulation of 39,000

“The reality is that climate change of the order and time frames predicted by climate scientists poses fundamental questions of human security, survival and the stability of nation states which necessitate judgments about political and strategic risk as well as economic cost.”

This an introductory statement from a collaborative paper “Heating up the Planet; Climate Change and Security” from the Lowy Institute for International Policy written by Alan Dupont, Senior Fellow for International Security at the Institute and Graeme Pearman, former Chief of Atmospheric Research at the CSIRO.

Under the Weather

Dengue fever in Sydney? Experts warn it’s one of many alarming possibilities in our health forecast unless something is done to address global climate change.

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