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Medical Organisations

The Australian Medical Association.

Click here to link directly to their work on climate change and public health, including a report launched in September 2005, and their position statement.

International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE)

Medact is the counterpart of DEA in the UK.  It describes itself as "a UK charity for global health, working on issues related to conflict, poverty and the environment"

Doctors For Native Forests (Victoria)

The International Network on Children's Health, Environment and Safety -

Global Health Watch is a broad collaboration of public health experts, non government organisations, civil society activists, community groups, health workers and academics. It was initiated by the People's Health Movement, Global Equity Gauge Alliance and Medact. It is based upon the People's Charter for Health which supports "equity, ecologically sustainable development and peace.

D3SJ Doctors and Scientists for Sustainability and Social Justice - We organise free monthly meetings in Brisbane and welcome all who agree with these medical and scientific principles: that we should use evidence, reason and fairness as the primary means to address the problems facing society.


Other groups

Australian Conservation Foundation

The Australian Collaboration
The Australian Collaboration is a network of seven national community organisations. On its website are listed fact sheets and electronic reference sites covering, amongst others ,environmental and health themes. The fact sheets are peer reviewed. Environmental examples include “Climate change”, “Common misconceptions about Climate change”, “Biodiversity” and two fact sheets on water. There is also a site Democracy Watch listing threats to civil liberties and democracy in Australia.

Established in late 2005, The Climate Institute has a five-year goal of raising public awareness and debate about the dangers to Australia of global warming and to motivate the country to take positive action. The Institute works collaboratively with business, community, scientific, environment and other organisations concerned with climate change through a range of activities. These include research, public information and advertising, seminars, and funding critical ongoing work on the issue in Australia.

"Good site with summaries of recent scientific findings"

Climate science from climate scientists.

Climate Change UK Government website

The Horizons Solutions Site

"The Horizons Solutions Site was created by HORIZON International, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Population Fund, UNICEF, HORIZON's colleagues at Harvard University, Yale University, and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada. The purpose of the site is to provide a forum for the presentation of solutions to vital concerns in the areas of health, population, development and the environment. Initatives are gathered through a number of different means, including direct user submissions, the substantial efforts of partner institutions, and HORIZON's own research activities".

Environmental Working Group 

Sustainable Population Australia

Truthout Environment

The Carbon Trust is an independent company set up by the UK Government. it works with UK business and the public sector to cut carbon emissions and develop low carbon technologies. This is site with interesting information on climate change and its mitigation. NTN is a community based network working for pollution reduction, protection of environmental health and environmental justice for all. NTN was first formed in 1993 and since then has grown as a national network to support community and environmental organisations across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Launched by Tony Blair and a coalition of companies, cities and states in 2004, The Climate Group is seeking to catalyse action among governments and companies to address the challenge of climate change. The organisation promotes networking among leading governments and companies and uses advocacy and communications initiatives to encourage leadership.

PANNA: Pesticide Action Network North America

BODHI: Benevolent Organisation for Development, Health, and Insight

Energy Science Organisation

Energyscience is an independent non-governmental organisation established as a collaboration of concerned scientists, engineers and policy experts to present information to people on the issue of sustainable energy. It has interesting nuclear power fact sheets

Energyscience combines rigorous research from leading academics and other experts to promote informed public debate and to foster dialogue between policy makers and their critics.


Energy SA -  

Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) -  

Sustainable Energy Development Authority - NSW - and 

Sustainable Energy Authority- Victoria - 

NZ - Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority -

Sacremento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) USA -

Australia and NZ Solar Energy Society -

The International Solar Energy Society -

The National Toxics Network -