Our Vision

Doctors for the Environment Australia.


The World Health Organisation estimates that one quarter of global disease and one third of that in children is due to modifiable environmental factors. If humanity is to make progress in solving the major issues of our time, all sections of the community will need to contribute.

Doctors for the Environment Australia aims to utilise the skills of members of the medical profession to address the ill health resulting from damage to the natural environment at local, national and global levels. Our concerns range from the health aspects of climate change to the environmental aspects of children’s health  and to the local cardio-respiratory effects of transport pollution.

About Doctors for the Environment Australia.

Doctors for the Environment Australia is a voluntary organisation of medical doctors in all states and territories.  We work to address the diseases – local, national and global – caused by damage to the earth’s environment.  For example, climate change will bring to Australia an increased burden of heat stroke, injury from fire and storm, infectious diseases and social disruption and mental illness, whilst in the developing world it will bring famine and water shortage.
The medical profession has a proud record of service to the community.  This record not only includes personal clinical care, but also involvement in global issues that threaten the future of humanity.  We aim to use our scientific and medical skills to educate governments and industry, the public and our colleagues by developing educational materials such as Policies and Posters and by direct contact, in the endeavour to highlight the medical importance of our natural environment. To our patients we try to provide a role model in the care of the environment for this is part of a preventative health ethos.

Doctors for the Environment Australia is part of a global network of concerned medical professionals. 

Doctors for the Environment Australia is a branch of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE), based in Switzerland.  There are now branches in 35 other countries.  ISDE has significant achievements in Europe and has established strong links to and influence in the European Community.  It is our aim for our members to feel proud to be part of this vital global enterprise.
By joining Doctors for the Environment each of us in the medical profession can participate in the urgent exercise of ensuring a healthy environment.