Response to: The oil industry, climate change and poverty

11 June 2003

Some oil companies are better than others. Greenpeace has identified Mobil/Exxon (Texaco) as one of the worse at present. They are the only company still supporting Shale oil in Australia (Gladstone), and their environmental and human rights record, as well as political lobbying (eg. against US signing Kyoto protocol) is notorious. Meanwhile, BP is the largest distributor of solar photovoltaic panels in Australia, though alternative energy is still a tiny fraction of total income from petroleum.

I am making a personal effort to avoid their petrol outlets. Perhaps this is little more than symbolic, but boycotts of Shell in Europe in the late 1980's was a significant reason for many multinationals to divest in South Africa and thus hastening the end of the Apartheid government due to worsening economic conditions. I have also recently placed bumper stickers on my car saying "Mobil = no.1 Climate Criminal" - sourced from Greenpeace.


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