Junk Mail and Recycled paper

3 June 2003

We have received questions on these issues from members. They are important environmental issues in relation to paper wastage and climate change. Collectively consumers can have influence

Junk mail

You can get rid of a proportion of your junk mail by contacting the Australian Direct Marketing Authority 02 9368 0366. You put yourself onto the "Do not call, Do not mail" list Your name is then circulated to list brokers who take your name off their list. It takes up to 6 weeks for your mail to start decreasing.

Many doctors return selected mail unopened with a message written on the front "If you keep sending this we will never buy your product, use your drug" etc. Many find this produces a result and doesn't cost anything

Recycled paper

Australia uses 40 million trees each year to manufacture fine paper. We all buy paper for our practices. White non-recycled paper impacts on the environment because much is sourced from native forests and the bleaching process with chlorine carries a pollution cost. Compared to virgin wood pulp recycled paper uses half the amount of energy and water. Recycled paper is slightly more expensive but the cost is coming down as more people use it

We recommend Canon, Evolve or Nautilus 100% recycled paper. Many other papers listed as 'recycled' may have only a small % of recycled paper. Dick Smith stocks 100% recycled paper but the Post Office does not and numerous requests to them from me for information on their future intent have not been answered

David Shearman