Futureworld Eco-Technology Centre

I would like to alert DEA members and invite them to give their support to the Futureworld Eco-Technology Centre in Coniston, Wollongong. Futureworld is a not for profit community based organization almost entirely dependent on volunteers. The Centre also has strong connections to the University of Wollongong.

The Eco-Technology Centre will be opening shortly and will exhibit cutting edge, developing and current commercially available environmentally friendly technologies including energy saving technologies. Three Illawarra environmental technology world firsts, the Solar Sailor, Energetec's Wave Power and Brightstar Environmental Solid Waste to Energy (SWERF) will be demonstrated.

Also featured will be a Mini Eco-House, various interactive multi media displays and display cabinets with the themes of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Water Conservation and Waste Water Treatment; Design, Production and Management of the Built Environment, Waste Minimisation and Resource Recovery, Sustainable Transport and Special Exhibitions. An attached outdoor area will feature wind turbines, water tanks, portable solar electricity system, and a no dig garden. Target audiences are schools, the education sector generally, business and industry, tourists and the general public. Further information on our website www.futureworld.org.au

Any DEA member who would like to visit the Centre could contact the Centre directly at 02 42 26 9147 or myself.

Dr Pat Mowbray
32 Rose Pde,
Mt Pleasant 2519 NSW, Australia
Tel (02) 42 841005
Email: pmowbray@uow.edu.au