Dr Rufus McLeay, Rural General Physician, Port Lincoln

Bought a bike just over 2 months ago to cycle to the local hospital on procedural days when I am there from morning until finished. Thought about it for years, but Al Gores movie did the trick. Had a plan to drop laptop and files at hospital on the prior evening wardround so I wouldn't have to work out how to carry them on the bike. Fortunately I invested in saddlebags and after starting to ride have only taken the car (hilux ute loaded with farm stuff) about 3 times. Saved a third of the cost of the bike already, feeling fitter, arrive at work energized, sometimes a bit shaky if I need to put in an IV straight away and always a bit sweaty for half an hour. Put on a theatre top til cooled down.

I don't have to ride far as I live in Port Lincoln, a country town with 15,000. Unfortunately the hospital was built on a hill, so its first gear and standing on the pedals to get there but the exhilaration of leaving....!

Now I ride to hospital in the morning, ride to rooms after the hospital round, back home for lunch (avoiding the hospital hill), back to the rooms for afternoon session, then up the hill for an evening round. The only problem is the urgent call out during the day - I borrow my secretary's car! Haven't worked out how many K's that is in a day. Easily recognized in the street by all and sundry (been here over 20 years), I reckon I'm promoting exercise without trying. If asked I usually tell people I'm doing it for the atmosphere and my grandkids.