Tips for newbie bike commuters

Choose a good route. Study your street directory. The way you drive your car is probably not the best way to go by bike. Look for quiet back streets, for parks you can ride through, streets that have been closed to through traffic. Back streets are quieter, safer, and have better air. Oh, did I forget to mention cycleways? There are so few.Use them if you are so lucky. Too many aspiring cycle commuters give up after trying to ride along the route they and a million others usually drive.

For longer journeys there might be a segment you can do by train with your bike, or a train option in case the weather turns ugly. Around Sydney harbour many good cycle routes can be connected by a ferry trip. In Brisbane there are busses with bike racks.

Leave yourself enough time so you don't have to rush. Ride slow enough to not work up a sweat so you don't have to shower when you get there. In European countries a high proportion of trips are by bike and no one feels they need to shower on arrival. Think of your bike trip as more like walking to work than running to work.

If you are an inexperienced cyclist, ride to work on a Sunday to check out the route before trying Monday morning.

Look around your work place for safe secure bike parking that is out of the weather, so you know where you will park before turning up with your bike.

Enjoy the money you save on fuel and parking, buy some top quality rain gear.

Try not to carry anything on your back, it only makes you hot. Panniers are very convenient.

Dont ride in those cycle lanes painted on the road that force you close to parked cars. They are dangerous if you are within door strike distance. Better to ride on the footpath, or be a slow vehicle in the middle of the traffic lane, or avoid those roads altogeather. Are the door roulette lanes just a NSW thing?