Doctors on Bikes

Bike Doctor is a web page dedicated to encouraging our patients to get some exercise through their transport.

The task

Is the public image of cycling something for children, for lycra clad racers, or people too often intoxicated to hold a license? I think it is time the bicycle became THE accepted form of transport for busy professionals.

There is hardly a chronic disease of adults that would not be improved by an increase in exercise. Whether the person has high blood pressure, diabetes, is overweight, has heart disease or feels depressed, an increase in their level of physical activity is part of the treatment plan. Adults who are in good health need a way of getting exercise if they are to stay that way.

This web site is for doctors who cycle to their clinical work to share stories and pictures, for mutual support and entertainment, and to hopefully encourage some patients to become bike commuters also. There is a column "My Commute" in the Australian Cyclist magazine that makes suprisingly interesting reading, so I'm hoping for some similar stories for the site. I'm also particularly keen to hear stories of doing house calls by bike.

The Cycling Promotion Foundation have produced some posters and fact sheets that cycling doctors might find interesting, some could be used in waiting rooms. Check their site:

Ben Ewald

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